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Birds of a Feather Diaper Bag

When I started looking for baby stuff, I didn't like the choices of diaper bags. I didn't really like anything the stores offered; and, knowing myself, I knew I would hate carrying a bag around that I hadn't fallen in love with. I'm not a snob or anything, I just knew a pretty bag would make me happy when I needed a little lift. I did like the Petunia Pickle Bottom line, but I couldn't justify paying that much. Feeling a little discouraged about not liking anything, one day at church I saw a girl carrying an adorable diaper bag. I stared at it as long as I dared and memorized as much as I could. When I looked it up later online, I found it was a Fossil bag that wasn't being made anymore.
The only place I could find it was on eBay. It was a pretty expensive, but I knew I liked it. I put one bid down and went to bed. If I found I hadn't won in the morning, then it just wasn't meant to be. Well, guess what, I didn't win. After thinking it over, I realized I didn't love the colors. I only loved the birds and the turquoise, so I went on a hunt for the perfect fabric. I found two fabrics I loved on fabric.com, a bird fabric and chevron fabric that I used for this bookshelf, and quickly ordered them because one was almost out of stock. Then I copied the Fossil bag as much as I could from pictures and the given measurements, and this is what I came up with. I used a Premier Prints chevron* and a Premier Prints bird fabric*.
I love it. I'm worried that it's too big, and my husband is worried that it's too small. I guess we'll have to see! One side has two pockets with a flap.
The other has two pockets, and one has a zipper.
There are two pockets on each end. I got the leather handles* from Joann's because I think it'll be stronger then just fabric. Hopefully!
There's zipper closure on top.
Inside there are lots and lots of pockets to hold things. There are pockets 7 inside and 7 pockets on the outside. Ha ha do you think I have enough pockets?
This bag turned out to be a lot more work then I realized because I had to line each pocket, sew lots of topstitching, and work with bias binding (which I'm not so scared of anymore after working with it a lot.).
I don't know if I'll ever make a bag this intense again because it was so much work! If you want the measurements click here. What do you think? Will it work as a diaper bag? I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Oh and since there's a purse contest going on right now, I decided to add it. Go check out everyone else's purses and get some inspiration!


  1. WOW! I love it! It looks so chic and well constructed. How beautiful. :)

  2. Such a fun bag! I just got mine at Target (not a diaper bag) but super cute and I agree with your husband, it can't be too big!

  3. oh my goodness. I am so insanely impressed. wow.

    It looks perfect. I stressed out over finding the perfect diaper bag but I've found that I just toss a little pack of wipes and a few diapers in my semi-large purse now...sometimes a bottle. But a nice roomy..pockety diaper bag is awesome for those first few needy months!!

    wow--you are so talented.

  4. You'll love all the pockets and the size is perfect! Enough to hold changes of clothes, pacifiers, small toys, etc:) Beautiful!

  5. I love that bag. I think it will be just great. I have 3 kids and think I could fit everything in it, so you will be fine with just one!
    Please, pretty please will you do a tutorial, or at least give measurements? I would love to make a bag like yours, I already have fabric in mind. Thanks!

  6. Love this. The material, the pattern, the look AND the size!

  7. That will not be too many pockets! So many diaper bags that I've seen are basically pits. It's much nicer to have everything organized.

    Also, a tutorial would be great. :)

  8. I liked having a smaller bag for baby because I still needed to carry a purse also.
    You will be happy with all of the pockets.
    Great job and I love the colors also.

  9. OMg! I love it! Def the coolest diaper bag ive seen!

  10. This is amazing! You did such an awesome job! I just discovered your blog from YM&O, and I can't wait to read all your baby and sewing posts! I'm your newest follower! :)

  11. about how much did this end up costing you? trying to decide if its worth it to make it or just buy one.

  12. I don't know if you have time to answer this, but what type of interfacing did you use for the bag? And did you put interfacing on all pieces, including flaps and pockets? Thanks in advance!

  13. Actually, I see now on the diagram where you used the interfacing. So I guess I just want to know what kind of interfacing you used.

    1. It's been long enough that I don't remember. I would just use the stiffest stuff you can find. I probably used something more lightweight and over time it broke down. I hope that helps!

  14. If it helps any, I've made 5-6 of these bags and used fusible fleece. They've lasted so far-the only problem thats happened is one of the straps was working it's way off-but that was on the first one I made and I sort of had no clue what I was doing when I made it! I cut all the pieces except interfacing for one last night, and today I'm gonna try soft and stable.. We'll see!!!


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