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Baby Tutorials and a Gift

I've been making some fun baby stuff lately and trying out some great tutorials. I had some solid thermal knit fabric so I decided to make a stretchy swaddler blanket. I just made some bias binding and sewed it around the edges. I couldn't leave it plain so I added a baby applique. I think it turned out really cute, and I don't regret the extra time to put the letters on.
Then I traced one of my store-bought burp cloths and made some with flannel I had. I happened to have a sporty print and navy blue. I'm thinking of making some more burp cloths, should I make a tutorial?
I made the cargo baby pants with some of my sister's capris she was done with. I made sure to include the original pockets and hem, which makes making pants SO quick and easy. The striped pants are just knit leggings. I used these two tutorials which are great.
Made By Rae Baby Pants
Make It and Love It Baby Leggings
I also won a giveaway over at buttons and ribbons a couple weeks ago, and when the package came it was like Christmas morning. Inside there was a pattern that I might be able to use for maternity, some fabric dye, thick twill ribbon, and some pretty fabric.
There was also lots of colorful zippers, lots of colorful bias tape, and hem facing. Fabulous! This all gets my creative juices flowing!
What great baby tutorials have you used? I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oooh you've been busy! Nesting?? Hehe, I love those colorful zippers, any ideas of what you're going to use them for?

  2. Love the blanket. My girls never seemed to want to be all snuggled up. Buy my little man loves it!
    Burp cloths are so useful. I have a huge sized one that I love. Which means I traced it, and made a bunch more! Go for a tutorial. Always useful to see how someone else does things.
    Jealous of your box, love the zippers. I am always needing zippers!

  3. Lovely blanket indeed! I still want to try the other tutorials.

    I'm making gifts for friends that are expecting and just made an applique and a hooded baby towel. The last one will last for years, i think!


  4. Glad you liked the package!:)


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