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Wearing What I Made

I didn't go anywhere special in this outfit except to a little picnic with my husband at school. So far this one organization he's apart of has done lots of activities with yummy food. I love that I get to go too.
I did find a new trick I want to share with you. I came across this video for curling your hair without heat. Her hair comes out better than mine, but I'm still pretty happy with mine. I think I need to keep trying it until I'm happy with it.
This is me in my pajamas in the morning after sleeping in my hair. I put a band over my wrapped hair because my hair doesn't stay in overnight. It's too short and smooth.
Here you can see my hair wrapped. I slept with my hair wet and then didn't take it out until later in the morning so that my hair could dry some more. My hair takes a pretty long time to dry.
 Here's my hair after! I did curl my hair with a straightener a little bit in the front and my bangs. My problem with doing the no-heat curls is I get really, really tight curls in the front and loose curls in the back. By curling my hair a little in the front it makes the tight curls loose. I might do this hairstyle a lot from now on. It might not look that different to you, but I think it's easier and better for my hair. And I like that I hardly have to use product so my hair is smooth and natural.
  Dress: made by me, scarf: made by me, bag: hand-me-down

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