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Wearing What I Made

I made this dress for my college graduation and love that it's been stretchy and comfy. It's great that I still fit into it!
I also made the little flower pin. It was another handkerchief I got from my grandmother. I used this handkerchief rosette tutorial. It's really easy to make!
And yes that is my wedding ring on a necklace. I'm really nervous that it'll get stuck because I have such big knuckles, and I swell up every once in awhile. I've just heard crazy stories about girls having to get their rings cut off, and I don't want that to happen!
Sorry, I forgot to put shoes on! I completely forgot that I was wearing my house slippers when I took these pictures.
Dress: made by me, necklace: my wedding ring and chain, cardigan: thrifted, pin: made by me, slippers: made by my grandmother


  1. wow. really adorable preg!!

    love your new header!!

  2. Love that!

    And it's ok to be barefooted and pregnant. ;)

  3. This is such a cute outfit! :)


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