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Wearing What I Made

I've decided that once a week I'm going to post about one outfit I wore that week. It will get me to get dressed even when I don't leave the house now that I'm not working, especially when I've been sewing in my pajamas/underwear all day. (I know you seamstresses do it when you're trying things on constantly!) It'll also help me be more creative with my outfits and clothing I've made.
I wore this to my husband's law school picnic with lots of the law school students. It was a picnic up in the canyon, so it got a little chilly. I was glad I wore my scarf!
Scarf: hand-me-down, Shirt: thrifted, Belt: hand-me-down, Bag: hand-me-down, Shorts: refashioned by me, Shoes: Target


  1. Such a cute outfit! You look so darling!

  2. cute outfit! haha...i always sew in my underwear!! especially when im altering pants...im constantly trying them on, so i dont want to keep on taking off and putting on. i also do outfits on my blog so i get dressed when i have nowhere to go. haha

  3. That shirt is adorable and I love the color!!

    I'm giggling with you about the sewing in your underwear thing. Yes, I admit it. I do it all the time too.

  4. You look so cute! Your little one is going to have the cutest clothes.

  5. Very cute! And I totally do that too...especially with dress-making lol


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