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Two Twin Duvet Covers To One King Duvet Cover

You know when you're looking for that perfect piece to add to a specific room, and you look and look and just can't seem to find it? Then you find the PERFECT piece that you completely fall in love with, but it's the wrong size/shape? Well, this is what happened to my Aunt. She had been looking for a king size duvet cover, but fell in love with two twin duvet covers. Yesterday my sister and I spent a chunk of our day working together to make the two duvet covers into one. The first picture is an illustration of what we did. There were three panels on the top of each twin duvet cover. We took off the two middle panels and sewed them together. Then we used the extra fabric to add length to the top of the kind duvet cover. It was a lot of work and thinking, but we were really happy with the result.
Here's the result. The duvet cover is made out of really thick, nice velvet with a beautiful sheen that changes colors in the light. The part we added which will be at the head of the bed is at the bottom of the picture.
Aren't the designs gorgeous? They're probably my favorite part about the cover.
Another gorgeous thing about the duvet cover is it had gorgeous Dupioni silk on the other side. We could never put a name on the color because it wasn't pink, orange, red, or coral but a mix of them all. (The picture makes it look coral, but it isn't coral in real life.)
I was really lucky to have my sister help me because she thought of so many shortcuts, and it was great to have someone bounce ideas off of. It would've taken me more than twice as long to do it on my own.
Anyway, what do you do when you fall in love with that perfect piece? Do you get it even if it's expensive knowing you'll have to change it?

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