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Scarf Organization

I remember seeing this on pinterest and though I can't buy a fancy hanger, I figured could make my own. It's not as pretty, but it's super functional!
I got some Scotch tape and a hanger.
I started in the middle and wrapped the tape around in a circle, then pushing the sticky sides together in the middle to get rid of the sticky.
I wrapped the tape around at different intervals.
Now I have a scarf hanger!
Do you have any great organization tips?


  1. what a great idea!! you have so many super cute scarves!!

  2. I need to do this. Great idea!

  3. I might try doing a similar method using leftover yarn or ribbons (or even bias tape?). I fear that even with exactness, the sticky from the tape might get on some of your scarves and possibly stain them.

    Great idea though, I may steal this one freely!

  4. awesome. you can never have enough scarves.

    i recently did a scarf holder too -- http://6petals.blogspot.com/2011/08/project-restyle-hold-those-scarves.html


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