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Raising Shoulders on a Low-Cut Tank Tutorial

I haven't done much around here because yesterday was my husband's last day off before he started law school. I've been trying to spend as much time with him as possible. Now that he's in school, I will be devoting a lot more time to sewing and decorating.
Well, I ordered some maternity tank tops to wear under some of my maternity shirts. I didn't get to try them on so I knew they wouldn't be perfect fits. Well, I like how they fit and I have some room to grow except they are pretty low cut in the front.
I put on my tank and tried pinching up the shoulders. The armholes are big enough that when I raised the shoulders, the arms weren't cutting into my armpits. If you want to do this, make sure you still have room under the arms.
I measured that I wanted a 1" pinch, meaning I needed 2" total to come up.
Flip straps inside out, mark the amount you need from the shoulder seam and pin. I marked in white so you can't really see that I marked 1" down.
Sew across. I sewed with a straight stitch because I don't need this area to stretch. If you'd like to keep the stretch, sew with a zigzag. Then trim to 1/4".
Because I didn't care how mine looked, I sewed a topstitch across the top to keep the seam allowance towards the back. If you care how yours is going to look, stitch on the stitching that's already there to hide your stitches.
That's it! Now you have a tank that fits the way you want it too! Hope you're enjoying your last days of summer!


  1. Thank you for the tip, It's very helpful! :)

  2. I've thought of doing this; it's great to have actual visuals rather than the fleeting ones in my head. ;) Thanks!

  3. Where did you find these. The ones I have are adjustable and I cannot change them.


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