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Popsicle on a Fork

I'm a big fan of Popsicles. I wanted to make some homemade ones this years, but we don't have a way to freeze them. Instead I used some disposable bathroom cups and forks.
You mix one part yogurt, one part thawed frozen berries (whichever kind you choose!), and 1/4 part sugar. I actually added a little bit more because I'm a sweet tooth. Pop them all in a blender, blend, then freeze. I froze mine when they were still frothy so there are frozen bubbles in ours.
The cup twisted off surprisingly easy! I was worried I would have to stick it under hot water or something.
Even the number from the bottom of the cup froze into the Popsicle.
I really liked the small size of the Popsicle because it was enough to feel satisfied but not overdoing it.
One empty fork=one happy girl
What summery food do you love that you're going to miss?


  1. That's great! I keep bugging my boyfriend to get me expensive super-popcicle maker that makes them in minutes....but I dream. I'll have to give this recipe a try...yum!

  2. OooH sounds tasty, and easy too! Win :-)


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