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Floating Petal Curtains

I have finished the curtains for my front room/kitchen. There are three windows that span one long wall of our front area. It was a lot of hard work, but they look great! I based my curtains on a pretty floating petals white with blues fabric. I wanted them to be white to still let in a lot of light. Don't mind our A/C unit in the middle. It's ugly but keeps our apartment nice and cool.
I didn't have lots of the petal fabric so I used it wisely. I made one panel for the center and then had strips for the four panels on the sides. I also added some blue strips on the side panels.
It was hard to envision something so big. The three windows measured about 200 inches across! I didn't want it to be too busy, dark, or overpowering.
I like how there's a pop of pattern in the center, but it's simple on each side.
I also made white liners to go under each panel to give double coverage. I don't want anybody to see through at night.
I'm so happy to be done with this project! It was really time-consuming.


  1. Beautiful curtains! Nice job.

  2. Wow! Great job! Your ideas always turn out better than I imagine. Can you paint the cardboard above the a/c white and add a touch of the blue floral motif or just a navy blue line like on the curtains? Or just white so as not to draw attention to it? Just thinking.

  3. Ok, sorry. That last Liahona comment was actually Mom. Could you tell? And this comment is actually Mom too. K?

  4. I just bought that same fabric for some accent pillows! I wish the store had more in stock! I love it! The curtains look great!


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