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Comfy and Cute Floor Cushion

I saw this floor cushion tutorial and fell in love with it. I needed to make it. I love how it can add extra seating in a cute and easy way. I've already used it to sit on while I cut out fabric, and it's super comfy. Especially when you don't have a waist to bend with.
I found the blue home decor fabric in the remnant area on sale! It was the exact measurement I needed to make to big circles and a handle. The white corduroy fabric I had in my stash that I've used on this pillow and this vest.
I know the light color might get dirty quickly, but it matches the fabric so well. I couldn't not use it.
I love how the corduroy piping looks like rope.
Moving went smoothly, and we're settling in nicely. Thank you for all the well wishes! I love our new apartment. It's smaller than our last apartment, but it has a better layout and tons of storage. I love that there's lots of windows and light. I love that I have a little built in sewing desk in the hallway. I love that there isn't a dog across the street barking in the middle of the night. And I love that there aren't loud "show off" cars that drive by revving their engines when I'm napping. I'm really excited to decorate and make it feel like home!
Some interesting things about our apartment, 1) it has no carpet. All the floors are old tile. Luckily, I have a couple rugs, but we'll have to see about getting/making more. This tutorial shows how to make a rug out of felt. Do you think that would work and last awhile?
There are also no blinds on the windows, but there are drapery rods provided, so making curtains have been my first projects. Hopefully I can show one of them to you tomorrow!
Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday!


  1. yay for new homes! so glad to hear that your move went well and that you're already starting to get settled. can't wait to see what you do with the place ;]

  2. Oooh, curtains! Yay! And I love that cushion, it would be perfect for preschool classrooms...or a nursery :)


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