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Blue Skeleton Keys and Picture Wall

I found some great skeleton keys at a yard sale at the beginning of the summer and I finally got around to painting them. They were originally gold which is cool but didn't match my style. So I painted them. 
This is after! When I started painting them I was really worried that the blue was too light. I couldn't do anything about it though because I didn't want to buy more paint. Once they dried and I took them inside they were perfect!
I think the color adds some nice pizzazz. I didn't use the ring to hang them up because then it wouldn't fit in the frame. I used some twine instead. 
We finally got some pictures up in our new apartment too. I decided to have a horizontal line base and have all my frames come from that.
 It's weird because half of our apartment is cinder block, which we're not allowed to put holes in, and the other half is regular walls. This is the only wall in the front room that I can put frames on. I guess it makes me group all my pictures together instead of having them spread out.
I love having two sets of skeleton keys.
These two frames are from my parents. They used to have their wedding picture and my mom's bridal picture in it. When my mom asked me if I wanted them I got so excited because they are so beautiful. My dad was surprised I liked them because to him they are an old style. I love how intricate they are.
Have you done any spray painting lately? Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Love the new look! And have GOT to get me some skeleton keys. I adore them. They look great!

  2. Again, I love the keys! How special that the frames belonged to your parents, and from their wedding too. I agree, the intricate design is beautiful. Great project!


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