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Bird Pillow

I had some leftover fabric from this fabulous bird bench. At first I wanted to make another floor cushion, but after making one I decided one was enough. (It takes a LOT of stuffing!) So instead I just made a round pillow. Here it is! It's about 16 inches in diameter.
Since we moved, I decided to redo most of my pillows. I was ready for a change. Here's the other side. I did more "rope" corduroy piping which I'm really loving right now.
And I tufted the pillow. Which is super hard without a tufting needle. I had to have my husband help me squish the pillow enough to put a needle through.
Birds are making me happy right now. That might be and underlying theme for my front area. But I haven't decided. It's just fun to have a new area to decorate! I'll be showing you little updates as I get things done, and then a full reveal when it's done. I crop out all the boxes, unfinished areas, etc. right now.
And don't worry, I have clothing projects coming up, not just decor projects. I finished the most amazing dress on Saturday and I can't wait to show you!


  1. so cute! i love it! p.s. i got my fabric in the mail yesterday! thanks so much!

  2. This is so cute, I LOVE the birds!!

  3. Now i want to make a birdie pillow;)


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