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Pink Paisley Maxi Dress

I finally made a maxi dress. It's something that's been on my list forever! It feels great to cross it off! I used this tutorial from Keeps me in Stitches. Basically you take a shirt and chop it off just under the bust. Measure out a skirt, sew it up, and attach it to the shirt. I also sewed in elastic on the empire seam allowance so my fabric wouldn't stretch out.
It's flowy and comfortable. This would totally work for a non-maternity maxi dress. It would probably be easier to not have to worry about adding room for the belly.
I love the colors in the skirt print.
It's a great summer dress, and I don't have to shave! Double bonus! I love not shaving if I can get away with it.
Happy Friday!


  1. Hi Heather,

    I like your dress. I made a similar one last year when I was pregnant and it's great this year too now I'm a bit thinner! Here's mine: opera dress.

  2. too cute! that looks SO wonderfully relaxing for hot and lazy summer days, great job :]

  3. Love the fabric on the bottom! Super cute.

  4. LOVE it!! belt it and you're ready for fancy time too. LOVEEEEE!


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