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My Grandmother's Vintage Dress

I was looking through some old photos and had forgotten about this beauty. This is my grandmother's choir dress from the 1950's. I think it's even handmade, but I can't remember. Don't you wish choirs still wore dresses like this? I'd be in a choir just to get a dress like this! The cool thing about this dress is all my girl cousins wore it to one or more of their formal dances. There is a lot of history behind this dress.
I wore this dress to my high school prom when I was 16. It's a dark silver shiny fabric with light silver flowers all over. It's a full circle skirt with a zipper on the side. I'm one of the taller cousins so my dear mom gathered lots of hot pink fabric and sewed it onto a poofy slip because the dress was too short. She also made me the hot pink shawl. I was sewing at this time so I'm not sure why I made my mom do it. (She doesn't enjoy sewing like my sister and I.) I cropped my date out to keep his identity safe.

A couple years later, my sister wore it. She kept the pink fabric on the poofy slip and then added a fabric belt. She also had my mom hand sew on some gathered tulle on the neckline.
I really like the look of the tulle peaking out of the neckline. My sister also wore the same vintage jewelry from my neighbor. You can read more about my blue and white dress in this post.
Mom taking our picture. 
I hope you enjoyed this vintage eye candy today!


  1. Ooh I really like the tulle added to the neckline. What a cool dress!

  2. Such lovely dresses. The tailored look is just so classic and appealing.
    best, nadia


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