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Mad Hatter Skirt or Modcloth Party Line Knock-off Skirt

I've made another summer skirt. I'm kind of stuck on skirts right now. Sorry about that! Let me tell you, when I first made this skirt, it was terrible! I'm embarrassed that I even made it. Luckily, only my husband saw it and there were no pictures taken. Just think of the fishtail bustle of the late 1800's combined with too many colors. I wanted to be cool like Meredith, but I failed. Anyway, I almost threw it out but decided to cut it up and make it into something different. I got inspiration from Modcloth's Party Line Skirt. I really like how the stripes change direction.
Here's my version. I left one color but combined it with the switching stripes. (I've made a shirt with this same striped fabric.)
The back is plain stripes.
I'm actually pretty pleased with it. I love me some good stripes.
I didn't take pictures while I was making it, but here's a kindergarten version of what I did.
1. I cut out the back with the waist measurement and length I wanted and making it an A-line.
2. I laid pieces of striped fabric over it with the stripes going different directions until I was happy with it. I had one back piece and three front pieces that would become the front.
3. I added a flared ruffle. I measured the length of the seam, then drew a circle with that circumference. I drew a bigger circle around for the length.
4. I sewed the inside circle into the seam and pieced together the front. I sewed the front and back together, added elastic to the top, and I was done!
So far I've really enjoyed wearing it. For some reason, it reminds me of the Mad Hatter even though my sister said it wasn't "too out there". Someone have a Mad Hatter Tea Party just so I can wear this skirt there!
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  1. adorable!!! Looks so comfy too. Where did you get that fabric?!

  2. very cute outfit - i like it!

  3. So cute! I would love to know where you find all your fabric especially the cute jersey! I keep seeing so many cute things made from jersey but haven't gone through the effort to find anywhere that sells anything other than sweatshirt jersey...

  4. Um... so cute! I really, really like it.
    I'm glad you were able to still use the fabric after the first skirt didn't work out.

  5. Me too! Where do you get cute jersey??? I love the pop of color. Funky and fresh! :)

  6. So gosh darn cute!


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