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Lengthen Coat Sleeves With Sweater Sleeves Tutorial

Earlier this summer, I thrifted this coat for a dollar. I like it's casual style and that it was still in pretty good condition. It was missing a couple buttons and the sleeves were too short. So I lengthened them by adding sweater sleeves. Today I'm going to teach you how to do it.
First, put on the jacket or coat and measure how much length you need past the sleeves. I need two inches.
Then measure how high up you want the sweater sleeve to be inside your jacket. I wanted mine to come above the slit then I added the two inches.
Grab an old sweater, mine is from the blog swap party, that you don't want anymore with similar colors or something funky. Use the measurement you just found to cut off the sleeve ends of a sweater. Don't worry about adding seam allowance.
 Serge or zigzag the cute edge.
Turn the jacket sleeve inside out and slide the sweater sleeve right side towards the jacket lining. In this picture, you are looking at the wrong side of the sweater sleeve. The sweater sleeve will probably have to be stretched out to fit around the coat sleeve.
With a needle and thread, baste the sweater sleeve onto the lining. Do a slight zigzag so keep some stretch in the sweater.
 Turn the coat right side out, and you're done. Easy peasy for someone who can never find long enough sleeves.
 Up close. Yes, maybe you're not wearing the same color sweater underneath but usually when it's cold I'm wearing a bunch of layers underneath, so nobody would be able to tell. Oh and I actually added some more buttons which made the coat cost a little more; buttons are expensive.
The version I did for my brother.


  1. VERY cute! I love the mustard yellow. I think that's one of my new fashion favorite colors.

  2. Very cute, easy idea. I have fairly long arms, so this idea will be put to good use! :)

  3. WOW!! Way to think out side of the box! Love the color too!

  4. Just found this. Nice solution, and seems it would be helpful to make a coat warmer, too. Or fix cuffs that chafe, too.

  5. I had this idea. You confirmed it was a good one. Thanks!

  6. Thank you for the great fix! Now my wrists won't freeze.

  7. Great I was looking for this tutorial . Thanks !


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