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Harry Potter Dinner

Tonight we are seeing the final Harry Potter movie. We're pretty stoked. To celebrate I made a simple "Harry Potter" dinner. I made breadsticks shaped like wands. Some were just basic breadsticks, and others had some meat and cheese rolled in. I couldn't think of a soup that went with the theme. All the soups Harry Potter eats are winter stews, and it's summer. So I just made a basic soup for the side.
I also made some butterbeer with a twist. The recipe I found was a mix of cream soda and butterscotch syrup. Since we would never eat butterscotch syrup, I made a cream soda float with caramel ice cream.
For dessert we had cockroach clusters: a even mix of melted chocolate and pretzels. They were delicious!
We can't wait for the movie!


  1. Cute idea Heather! You are just so darn creative! I hope you enjoy the movie! Kyle and I will have to go...one day... :)

  2. looks so yummy! We went and saw the movie yesterday and LOVED it! I'm such a freak. :)
    I bet that "butterbeer" was amazing. It looks so good. I got to try butterbeer in England a couple years ago. Yeah, basically butterscotch flavored soda but it was SO. GOOD!

  3. Very nice! We saw the movie last night...my boyfriend hasn't read the books so he didn't share in my "that's not the way it was in the book!" moments, but it was still amazing. We made butterbeer after we visited the theme parks and it was pretty good...but horrible for you. Might need to make it again. ;)

  4. Thanks so much! I looove harry potter themed anything. so fun!


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