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Crazy Friday

I don't have any pictures today because it has been a crazy day.
1. I was planning on doing a giveaway, but couldn't get to the place where I get fabric so that will be coming up next week.
2. Don't you love planning time for a project and then realizing that that planned time is used up just to get ready to start? That happened today too, but when I'm finished it will be fantastic! Just imagine an adorable rug.
3. I got to visit my old job today, basically the best job ever and nothing will ever be as good, for a party. It was fabulous seeing my old boss and friends. I really wish I still worked there. And who doesn't love eight different desserts to munch on while talking to a bunch of lovely girls?
4. When we were choosing a law school for my husband to go to we had three choices narrowed down. Then we were able to choose one. Last night one of our other top choices just tripled the scholarship offer for my husband which makes it a better deal than the school we chose. We have a couple days to decide and if we choose this new school, we'll have a week to find an apartment and move to another state.

So it's been pretty crazy today with choices, projects, and parties. How has your day been?

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  1. Wow, that timing will be tight! If you can manage, I suggest a moving company that could help you pack. Our last move was done in two weeks and we didn't pay for a packing service, but we got closet-moving boxes...we just hung our hangers in the box and out they went. Very useful. Oh, btw, I went to burdastyle and created my own bodice block...oh...my...goodness! A whole new world of sewing just opened up! I can't wait to post the pictures. Such great advice! Thank you!!


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