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80's Dress Refashion

Earlier this year I helped a sweet lady clean out her closet. She gave me the bags to donate, and I looked through them before donating everything. I picked out this fantastic black dress. The only problem? HUGE 80's sleeves. I liked the fit of the dress, but the sleeves had to go. So I unpicked them, cut out some new ones, and sewed them back on. I struggle with sleeves though, and threw this dress across the room a couple of times just to get the sleeves to fit. I really should have had this dress done ages ago, but I kept getting exasperated and putting it at the bottom of my to-do pile.
I really like the dress now. And like that I feel flattered with room to grow, but I didn't have to buy or make this dress! It's cut on the bias so it drapes so well. That's what I was trying to show you in the second picture. (Oh and my hair was cute this morning, but after work a crazy, big windstorm blew in and blew up my hair. I didn't feel like fixing it for the pictures, so you'll just have to ignore me and look at the dress.)
Have you done any refashions lately?


  1. very cute! Love what you have done!

  2. you are so cute! what a great idea to refashion for maternity purposes as well... sophie will want to know about this! i kind of cheat on sleeves... there is pretty much either a poof or a pleat because i am too lazy to measure... oh and i love the striped maxi you did too... so cute!


  3. Cute!

    Yeah, sometimes projects like to get away from you. Makes me crazy!

    You did a good job! Visiting your blog makes me feel all in the mood to be crafty.

  4. Pregnancy looks good on you! Good job with the dress!


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