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Weekend Fun

I'm really excited to say that I've started a Flickr group where you can add your finished projects! I get inspiration from everyone around me so let's share! Your projects you add should be something you've made with any of my tutorials, sewing basics, or inspiration from my past projects. I really want to see what you've made! I will be featuring projects on my blog every once in awhile. (Right now there is a picture from my flickr because I had to have a picture to be able to add the widget.) Start adding your pictures!

Today we went to a free fishing/swimming reservoir nearby. I thought we were going to do some errands, but my husband surprised me and brought our towels, suits, and lunch.
The water was pretty cold, but it was lots of fun. I got to try the maternity swimsuit for the first time which worked wonderfully. I loved wearing it.

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  1. Your swimming suit looks perfect on you! I love the color and what a fun little date you and your husband were able to have. It was pretty hot today, so I am surprised the water was kinda cold.


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