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Tropical Swimsuit Coverup

Last Saturday I spend the day making a swimsuit cover-up for the blog party. I saw a really easy one here at Bored and Crafty, but I wanted to make mine into something I could wear as a dress too. Her's has open sides and front. Needless to say, I spent all day on it because I kept making all kinds of mistakes. Ever have one of those projects where you can't even look at it anymore? This was definitely that project, so just don't look too closely at these pictures.
Both the tropical print fabric and the navy blue fabric are made of linen which I love. It's balmy and soft. I know it wrinkles easily, but it's like a luxurious wrinkling, ya know? Like I see a wrinkly shirt, then I see that it's made of linen, so it's suddenly okay.
It has a casing around the empire waist. There's elastic across the back and two ties at the front. (I had to fix my mistake somehow!) The sleeves are really open; great for summer breezes.
I'm not completely happy with how it turned out, but it will do. And since it's an empire waist, I can wear it all throughout my pregnancy. It might be the only thing I can keep cool in at the end of the summer.
I did a very wide hem, 5", and then did three rows of stitching. I think it's a nice touch. I also added lots of topstitching. Topstitching is just so fun to me.
I even forgot to take my "blog party name tag" off for these pictures. Awesome.
What projects have you had where you wanted to burn it, but then it turned into a mistake that worked?


  1. You looked so adorable! I loved this on you! :)

  2. That looks really great for summer. I love the fabric! I am totally stuck on all of my projects...I just have too much going on at home. I feel the same way about my Hawaii dress....argh.


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