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Maternity Pants

Over the weekend I went to a blogger meetup/swap party. It was so much fun! When the official photographer posts the pictures, I'll show you what went down!
Anyway, I swapped some pants that I have now turned into maternity pants. The two capris here were hand-me-downs. I haven't bought any maternity clothes yet because I don't want to buy anything until I really need it. Hopefully I don't get tired of making stuff!
All I did was put the pants on and mark how low they needed to be in the front, and I cut off the excess including the waistband. Then I cut out the zipper and sewed the fly closed. Lastly, I took some extra stretchy knit fabric and sewed it on. I was surprised at how fast they came together.
I also made some shorts. I have one more pair of pants that I want to change. I think I'm going to leave them as pants in case my next pregnancy is during the winter. I think I've got enough summer bottoms to get me through.
I've also been sewing some other maternity clothes which I will be posting about this week! How was your weekend?


  1. so awesome! i know sophie will be trying this for sure... you are so talented and creative! it was so fun to meet you in person!!!


  2. That's awesome!! It seems so easy when you explain it, I wonder why I didn't do that with any pants while I was pregnant w/ Felix!

  3. Love it. So easy too, right?
    I made a jean skirt from a pair of my hubby's old jeans. I flipped it upside down, so the ankle part was my waist and the waist area was at my knees. That way it flares just slightly. And then I put a nice and stretchy band on the top, so it fits nicely around a 8 1/2 month pregnant belly. Such an easy project, especially when you have everything on hand!

  4. You're so resourceful! I love this idea.


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