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Kev's Summer Pants

My grandpa cleaned out some of his stuff, and I nabbed some awesome pants for my husband before they were donated. Here's the before. I pinned in the waist/seat and the stride. I had him put them on during a NBA Playoffs game, so that's what is going on in the background. I couldn't tear him away.
They look so great now! He wore them to a wedding, and then we went and fed the ducks.
It's just a subtle stripe pattern. It doesn't show up that well in the pictures. It's almost like seersucker.
The fabric is really soft and lightweight for pants. It reminds me of something a Southern plantation owner would wear.


  1. You did a great job! hehehe it's so funny that he was in front of the TV glued to it while you pinned the pants. =D

  2. Wow, those pants look awesome! Love the pinned pic - that's how my hubby is too LOL

  3. This is great! I need to learn how to do this! :)


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