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Going Green Serving Tower

I've LOVED the homemade serving towers people have been making lately. I've really wanted to make one so I finally thrifted some plates and mugs that I like. Each one was a dollar or less, so I spent under $5!
I chose green because it goes with Christmas colors, summery orange, yellow, and green colors, blue boy colors, pink girl colors, and almost any color scheme I could think of. Except for Americana colors. Oh well!
After I organized my plates and mugs the way I wanted them, I used this tutorial at Flamingo Toes and superglued them all together.
I really, really love the flowered plate on the top. And the stripes. It was so easy to put together!
And doesn't it look great with pink cookies? The top ones have a lemon glaze.
I'm ready for some parties!

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  1. Under $5?? Oh my heck. I am so impressed! Seriously, and it looks so cute too! I want to make one of these now.

  2. I love this. Love the cute green colors you picked!! Thanks for linking up to Thriftaholics Weekly. Hope to see you there next week.


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