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Diaper Covers

I made some cute diaper covers for a friend last week. I used Dana's diaper cover tutorial and pattern. I did the 6-12 mo pattern. It was very easy and very fun!
My friend is waiting to see if she has a girl or a boy, so I thought orange and turquoise would work for both a boy or a girl. Too bad I don't have a baby to show you how cute they are when a baby is wearing them!
Diaper covers are so cute! And they come together really quickly.
I even did some fun topstitching on the orange ones which doesn't really show up in the picture. Oh well!


  1. I made these too! I thought they were fairly easy but a pain to make. I just had trouble with the legs, but I don't have a serger so I had to fold them over twice so there were no raw edges.

  2. im totally going to make these! I always lose the ones that come with the dresses for Olivia, so it would be nice to just make a bunch

  3. These are so cute! I've been trying to think of new ideas for baby gifts and this a great one. Thanks for sharing!


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