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Blog Swap Meet-up

I must say the blogger party on Saturday was fantastic! It was so fun to get together with fellow bloggers and meet new ones! Check out the fabulous pictures taken by J. D’Bourget; more pictures of the swap meet hereThere were lots of adorable decorations and DELICIOUS food! I couldn't stop snacking on all the yummy treats.
The swap was really fun, and everyone got lots of loot to take home!
We laughed a lot. Who knows what we were laughing at in this picture, but it must have been great. And dream come true, I got to meet Meredith in real life!
Everyone was so interesting and fun. I love getting together with a bunch of girls!
There was even a photobooth set up with fun props. I'm wearing a feather on my head, get it? For Heather Feather.
You can find a list of everyone's blogs here. It was pretty funny because you can recognize someone from their layout or blog, and I always wanted to call them by their blog name and not real name!
A special thanks to Liz, Diana, Morgan, and Ana! They did so much work and it really showed!


  1. So jealous!!!!!

    I wish I could be there. And Meredith is such a rock star. I'd feel like I was meeting a bunch of celebrities.

    I'd probably even get star struck. Silly me.

    Such a fun set-up!

  2. it was so fun!! i wish i lived closer to you all:( and you're so right, those treats were delish!

  3. lol, we live right across from forbes elem. its the best, we love our neighborhood. and, did you find out what your having?
    Boy or Girl? how many weeks are you now? I feel like we are really close...


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