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Weekend Yardsaling

Last Saturday my husband and I went to a community yardsale. It wasn't huge and we had to drive around a lot, but it was lots of fun. I found this for $1. Score! Each key is about 8 inches so it's big.
I'm not a fan of gold so I'm pretty sure I'm going to paint it bronze or black or something. Or maybe a funky bright color.
 I also got about 3 yards of this gorgeous pink/purple woven fabric. It was only $3!
From the feel of it, I think it's cotton or a cotton blend.
I really, really want to make a cute spring jacket with it. Something like this. With some cute lining to peak through when I roll up the sleeves.
I also got a $1 recipe book, and a $1 jacket that I'm going to lengthen the sleeves and replace the buttons. I say that's a success! What thrifting adventures have you had lately?


  1. So jealous! I haven't been thrifting in so long! I bet a little jacket out of that pink would look so cute, I've been hoping to find a perfect little jacket like that in the little boys section every time I hit di... Haha!

  2. We're going to Goodwill tomorrow. 1/2 off day! I'm going to look for a navy blazer, a skirt, a dress, some feminine/vintage-y shirts, and a short-sleeved cardigan.
    I'd also like to try and find some picture frames, some mirrors, and some lamps.
    Ha! That's quite a list. I'm going in with a REALLY open mind, ready to roll my sleeves up and get to reworking! So excited.
    Way to score on those deals! I adore skeleton keys. They remind me of England. :)

  3. Ooh, I think that fabric would make a beautiful jacket! And I love the keys...one of my collectible items. They would look great in brass! Great finds, Heather. :)


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