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Spring Floral Skirt

I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend! Ours was great. On Saturday we hit a community yardsale where we scored some awesome things (more later!). We had a coupon for a free scone at a restaurant there, so we had a delicious lunch and a scone that was probably a foot in diameter! Then I took a nap and relaxed, and packed away some clothes that won't fit until after I have my baby. (I'm running low on what to wear. I might just have to wear elastic waist skirts through the whole summer!) Last of all, I made a skirt! Wouldn't you call that a successful weekend? This is the skirt I made.
It used to me a larger high-waisted skirt with pleats across the front and a zipper in the back. I cut off the top four inches, took out the zipper and the pleats, and put in a simple casing with elastic. It was super easy!
The fabric is some soft, silky synthetic. I'm not a huge fan of wearing synthetics, but this skirt is flowy enough that it makes up for it. I loved wearing it today.
I felt very feminine and springy. It's simple, but the print makes me happy! And it really is so flowy.
Have you met my piece of grass friend? I thought you'd enjoy this blooper. I guess I missed the grass sitting in front of my camera when I set it up. My face is totally classic and is perfect for the picture.
Anyone have any good weekend stories?


  1. One thing I have done to change some of my skirts into maternity skirts is to use old tank tops/camis to make the nice stretchy top skirts. They are amazing with a belly that is expanding. Or the other fun thing to do is find sundresses that have the shirring on the top. And then wear them as skirts. They are pretty comfortable with an expanding belly, and stay up nicely!
    Good luck, and have fun sewing for your new addition!

  2. Great job on that cute skirt!! You are super talented! :)


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