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Pink Ruffled Shirt

I heard about this shirt contest awhile ago and just got around to making something for it. Ya, I totally procrastinated, but it is getting me to make shirts which I feel like I don't make a lot. When I see cute fabric, I don't automatically think of using it for a shirt. It's more like for a dress or a skirt or pillows. Anyway, I really like this shirt and wanted to make something like it.
Here's my first version. If you're interested, learn how to make the non-gathered ruffles. It seemed like it needed something else.
So I added another layer of gathered ruffles under the collar.
I like it. And I love the soft, pink fabric.
I used this pattern which I also used here, here, and before/after. It's easy to alter and really quick to sew, so I use it a lot!) I changed the neckline, made the sleeves not as open, and added a center front seam for the ruffles.
What do you think?
Yes to the ruffles or no?


  1. Awe! This is so super cute! You did a great job! Go you!

    Meet Virginia Design

  2. OYAOY!!!It's soooo pretty!!!Well done giiirl!!!You did excellent work!!


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