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Mother's Day Apron

I saved this post for today, so the apron we gave my mom would be a surprise.  My sister got a pattern, some fabric, and then left on a study abroad. She hid it under her bed until I could get it.
The one problem was, I didn't catch that it was for my mom's birthday (at the end of the month) and not Mother's Day. I didn't know that until we were skyping with my sister, and my mom was opening the gift.
 Oops! She'll just get to enjoy it earlier in the month.
 My sister chose great fabric and a really cute pattern. I added edgestitching everywhere and doublestitching on the top of the pocket.
Here I am being  very domestic. My mom loves the apron. I also made an apron for my mother-in-law last year which has great fabric too.


  1. Very cute! I'm using some of the fabric your sent me to make my mom a (belated) mother's day gift. :)

  2. So so so cute. I love the bright colors!!

  3. That is super cute!!!


  4. Ahh I love this so much! The fabric is perfect and complements each other so well and the pleated edging is SO so cute. What a perfect Mother's day gift. (even if it wasn't supposed to be for Mother's day. :)


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