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Easy Lace Necklace Tutorial

I saw this necklace on Shabby Apple and fell in love. So I made one of my own.
To make one yourself take some lace.
Cut out a piece that you like.
 I clipped one side of a necklace on one corner.
 And opened the metal loop on the other side to slip in part of the lace. Then I closed it again.
 That's all, and it's now an adorable necklace.
 I wore it today and got a compliment. It makes me feel very feminine.
This is so easy that I did it between my shower and drying my hair. See, my hair is still wet. It took less than fifteen minutes!
Now go make one yourself!


  1. Oh, I love it! This is great, and I even have a chain...now to find some lace. Hmmmm.... :)

  2. I've seen so many of these everywhere. They are so cute. I've been wanting to make one too.

  3. Very Pretty Heather! I love what you did

  4. That is so pretty! Make me one!! :)


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