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Anthropologie Wandering Wake Tank Tutorial

I was browsing through Anthropologie for shirt ideas and came across the Wandering Wake Tank. I love it, so I made an easy tutorial for you!
I grabbed one of my old turtleneck Tees I wanted to change. I thought this medium gray would go with with the design. In this picture, you can see marks on the sleeves and neckline where I marked where I wanted to cut. (The bottom of the shirt is unhemmed so I kept with that theme through the whole shirt. If you want to hem your sleeves and neckline add seam allowance before you cut.)
I folded the shirt in half at center front and center back matching up the shoulder seams in the middle. I pinned and drew my new neckline.
Chop it off.
Measure down from the shoulder how short you want your sleeves, make sure both sleeve measurements match. (Can you see my reflection in the ruler?) Mark.
I measured one inch underneath the arm and drew a line between the two marks. Cut the sleeves off.
 Put the shirt on to see how you like the sleeves and neckline. Then mark where you want the ruffles to go. (Excuse my dirty mirror.)
 Measure the length of your lines.
I took those measurements and multiplied each by 1.5 and used the as my length. I cut my strips 2.5" wide. I used the fabric left from the turtleneck and the sleeves. I cut them so they were rectangles and sewed them together so I could cut out my strips.
 Strips of fabric

 Fold one end over about 1/4" and pin to at the side seam.
 Fold the other side over 1/4" and pin to the shoulder seam.
 I found the center-ish of the strip, made a small pleat, and pinned it to the center-ish of the curved line.
 Then randomly pleat along the strip until the strip length matches the line.
 Sew and 1/8" in from the edge with a slight zigzag stitch.
 Repeat with the two other strips. I then sewed the edges and pleats down on the shoulder so that the ruffles wouldn't sag or stick out.
 Then you're done! Great job! It's a great ONE afternoon project.
 I ironed my pleats just to help them lie flat.
 I really love my new shirt.
And that it's something from Anthropologie.
Now I need to go finish dinner. Have a great Monday!


  1. Super cute!! It looks great, and I love the color. :)

  2. So cute! I just found your blog and I LOVE it.

  3. Just made this out of a long sleeve shirt that was wayyy to big for me. Loved your instructions on downsizing a shirt! I now have a totally cute shirt that only cost me .99 from the Goodwill! Thanks a bunch!

  4. That looks great! I did one too, with my own tutorial and whenever I wander across another, I link it up!


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