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Vintage Bow Clutch

My husband cleaned out some of his clothes and let me go through them. He's a great thrifter (one of our shared hobbies), so he's got some fantastic items. I have always loved the fabric of this jacket and was happy to be able to cut it apart. There's still lots of fabric left, so you'll see more of it sometime in the future.
Well I decided to make a clutch/wallet. I'm pretty sure I saw something like this in the blogland within the past year, but I can't remember where or when. (That's one problem with looking at so many blogs; your mind files ideas away without you realizing. Then you can't go back and find it or give credit.)
*Edited. I found the post I was talking about! It's a tutorial on Craftaholics Anonymous.
I'm really happy with how it came out, even if I did lots of unpicking and restitching to make it look good. I love the crooked bow.
Open it up. . .
for a surprise fabric inside.
There's a place for cash (since I have SO much of that!).
A place for coins
I know a button is slower to open then a zipper, but this is cuter and I didn't want to deal with putting in a tiny zipper.
And it allowed me to use one of the original side pockets with a flap. I just added a buttonhole and a button.
 There's a place for cards like my student card or old childhood library card.
 Lastly there's one more place for cash. . . or your grocery list. . . or pictures of your cutie.
I'm loving this clutch, but I don't know what to do with it. I have a wallet that I LOVE and am not ready to part with it. Is this something you want to win? Or do you want a tutorial of this? Or do you want both? Let me know! Hope your having a fabulous Friday!


  1. You are just incredible!

  2. so cute! loooove the colours on the fabric:)

  3. Etsy!!! This is a fabulous item I think many people will love...although I wouldn't say no to a tutorial or a giveaway. It looks so cute!

  4. Great!!

    yr blog is great! Follow each??

    Btw, I have my 1st giveaway in my blog, hope you are interested to join XD


  5. that jacket makes a better wallet than a jacket

  6. cute!! you are a genius.


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