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Easter Egg Softies

Easter is coming and I haven't had any ideas for decorating. Some holidays I just skip decorating. But I saw this pattern and tutorial at Retro Mama for fabric Easter eggs and knew that's what I was going to do. The pattern is great, and the tutorial is a tiny bit confusing but after one egg I figured it out. And her fabric choices are a lot cuter than mine!
Anyway, here's all my egg pieces cut out and organized into eggs. There are four sides per egg.
After machine sewing and a little hand sewing, here are my eggs.
 Mine aren't completely shaped like eggs, I think it might be because they need more stuffing, but it's close enough.
 I made seven eggs this round. I also cut out some other fabrics that match the coffee table which I'll finish in the next week.
The pictures up above were to show you the eggs. (The feather plate is where I'll put the other eggs I'm going to do.) I actually decided to have my eggs in a bowl on my bookshelf. I have wanted to decorate with my doily tablecloth, but it never felt right until now.
 I think the eggs go well with the ceramic balls, the bird, and the doilies.
I'm really excited for upcoming Easter, and maybe less snow around here.
 At least I have seen happy daffodils to brighten my day, even though some days they're bent over from the snow. Spring is coming!
Happy Easter! How do you like to decorate for Easter?


  1. love the eggs. i think i shall make us some. thanks for the idea. - and i love your bowl and bird.

  2. Very cute! I personally really like your fabric..very spring!


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