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Making Waves Shirt

I wanted a new shirt. So I made one. I saw something like this on a friend and filed it away for using later. Here's my version (Great Cheese Heather) 
I took a plain shirt and sewed 1/4" tucks. Then I sewed the tucks opposite ways every 1 1/2" making "waves."
One sides the waves go from hem up over the shoulder and back down to the hem. The other side has shorter waves.
 Today I wore it with a scarf.
It has enough detail to wear it alone, but it's not overwhelming when I wear it with an accessory.
I'm really happy with it. I think it looks so cool. One tip I would say to sewing on top of a knit shirt is using a stretch needle so no holes are created in the fabric. I've tried sewing with a universal needle on knit and it ruined the shirt.
 This is the should that has smaller waves. See how they just seem to disappear?
Would you wear something like this?


  1. This shirt is awesome! I love the little detailed tucks that you made! Very cool!

  2. This shirt if fantastic -very brave of you to model it! Really easy to see how to do it. Thanks for the idea. :)


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