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Lengthening Pants Tutorial

I have a problem finding long pants. It's even harder now that I can't wear anything with a tight waistband. I heard that Melissa wore jeggings throughout her pregnancy. The first thing I thought when I heard about jeggings was: weird. I decided to give them a try though and found some really cheap ones at Wal-mart in different colors. They even have back pockets so they look like real jeans. They don't fit me perfectly and are too short, but they are stretchy and very comfortable. After lengthening them, I will definitely be wearing these for the next five months.
Here's a tutorial for lengthening pants. This works best with hems that don't have any wear on the bottom. See how there's no wear on these?
First, unpick the hem.
Then cut a long strip of fabric on the bias. I wanted a 1" hem so my strip is 2" thick. If you want the classic 5/8" hem then cut your strip 1 1/4".
You can also buy single-fold bias tape instead of making your own. It looks like this.
Lay the strip on the outside and sew 1/4" away from the edge.
When you get back to where you started, overlap about an 1".
 You'll have something like this. See the overlapping part?

Push the seam allowance down towards the hem tape.
 Fold the edge up to where the hem tape is sewn onto the pants.
Fold it up again with the hem tape inside.
Sew. I sewed 1" from the fold. (I sewed from the inside because I had black thread in my bobbin and not in the needle. You can sew from the oustide if you like.)
Don't forget to iron.
 Now I have pants long enough and you can't tell I did anything. Jegging life, here I come.


  1. I started laughing as soon as I read this title...you say, "Why?" Well at 5'4"-I've just NEVER had that problem...quite the opposite actually! LOL

    And may I say, you are a darling pregnant lady!

  2. If you wear long shirts you can try the belly belt too... I've heard it works but I don't know for sure!

  3. I don't know about jeggings, but I love leggings with tunics...because, for a totally different reason, I have a hard time finding pants that are comfortable around the waist. I bought some today that I am hoping I can alter in some way...any suggestions for adding an inch to the waist of pants??? If so, email me your advice...I was thinking of adding two small bits of elastic and inserting them into the waist band, sort of like old-man pants. Darn my genes! (like my pun?) Haha, thanks for the tutorial!


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