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Gray Flower Applique

When I was writing this post in my head, I wanted to call this an "edited" shirt. Too much computer time maybe?
I love this shirt, but it needed something more. I wanted some color but decided to add some gray fabric.
Its a flower and some leaves. It's a fun little addition.
I'm thinking about adding some more down across the front. What do you think?
Should I leave it or add to it? Maybe I could add another flower. I need some input.
Over the weekend I went to this blog party. It was simply fantastic! All the girls were so nice and friendly. This is the reason I blog; I meet awesome people. I cannot wait for the next one!
This week my in-laws are coming in for my husband and my graduation. I'm so excited to see them and spend time with them. I also finished a new dress for the occasion. It's blue, ha ha big surprise there. I'm excited to show you!


  1. Very pretty! I always like an overabundance of flowers, so I say go for it!! Ooh, blog party! I tried to get some fellow teachers on Etsy to get into regional meetings, but they were not so excited as I was. *sigh* Oh well.

  2. you look great. it was nice meeting you last weekend at the blog party {: keep in touch cute girl!

  3. It was fun seeing you at the blog party last weekend. I can't wait for the next one so we can get to know each other more. For now I'll just follow your cute blog. Your creations are just adorable. LOVE IT!!

  4. your sewing skills make me jealous! it was nice to half-meet you at the blog party last week. i can't wait to "officially" meet you at the next one after i've been stalking your blog for a while. :)

  5. darling! you have mad skills, cute blog! fellow refashionista here (not near are good as you.. )- trying to connect with my peeps ;)


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