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Graduation Dress

I wanted a new dress for graduation. Why? Because I could make one. I wanted to make a wrap dress because it would be perfect for a growing belly. I found this free pattern and decided to use it. I didn't do much measuring so it was a little to small once I got partway into it. After that mistake and a couple others, I almost gave up. But I pushed through the mistakes and made a dress that I really like. It's a little roomy so I'll be able to grow a bit. (It was REALLY cold this morning when we were taking pictures; that's why I look uncomfortable.)
The dress looks best with a belt to give it a little shape. Then it just has a gathered edge around the bottom, up the front and around the collar. I like the collar a lot. It makes me happy.
I did most of this with my new serger which made it so much faster. Having a serger is fantastic! The serger even did all the gathering for me. I might actually make things with gathers now that they are so much easier. One of the mess-ups was how I did the underlayer. I ended up just sewing a line down the front, copying the gathered edge. I really like the style line. It's a fun addition.
 This is how I wore it to graduation and during the day. Lots of color and pattern makes me happy.
Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wow! I can't believe you made that dress! sooo impressive. I graduated today too:)

  2. Congratulations on your graduation! I love the dress, it looks so cozy and the color is beautiful!

  3. you have some mad skills girl. i love this dress on your really brings out your eyes{:

  4. I found you on I'm a Refashionista, what a great dress you have made, I tend to only refashion clothes because I find patterns so frustrating.
    Great look!


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