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Bluebird Bench

After looking at local thrift stores, I finally found a bench to go along with this fabric. The bench was $7.50, so basically it was a piece of garbage. But I liked it, and I liked the price. Here's the before. Gross, right?
The cushion wasn't even attached. Don't mind my messy background!
I asked my dad for help, because he's great at fixing everything. We went over on Saturday to spend the afternoon.
Here's the bench in my dad's garage. As my husband was taking out all the staples in the cushion, I was sanding the wood.
After sanding and watching my dad cut the seat down to fit inside as a shelf, we had a great time with wood putty.
My dad cut a thicker piece of wood for the seat, so no screws would poke up into somebody's bum. We couldn't paint the wood on Saturday because it was snowing ALL day. I painted it on Monday, and I actually didn't take any pictures. Sorry! I chose I really, really dark brown paint to match my cherry hat stand and the black in the fabric.
But here's the finished bench. I love it and am so proud of it.
It has a really comfy cushion.
 Only two birds made it to the top because I was trying to save the rest of the fabric for other good things.
 I made two weird pleats on each corner, but it looks pretty good.
I really like the shelf we added to the bottom. It does look a little bumpy, so I'll probably cover it with a tan or brown fabric.
I'm hoping to find a brightly colored basket or fabric bin to put on the shelf. It'll be a great place for storage.
 Right now it's sitting here next to the door and hat stand. Sorry, I had to use a flash. It's also great for extra seating when we have people over.


  1. It looks so good! Wow. Love it!

  2. Looks so great! Fun that your dad and husband got in on the fun! ...hey, watch out with that wood putty, you cute little mother-to-be! ...you know, the fumes. Don't I sound like I'm your mother or something?! ;)

  3. WOW! Wow! Wow! You rock! This is an amazing transformation!

  4. This is AMAZING! Seriously, something right out of HGTV...which I hope you find a compliment, I love HGTV. lol. Can't wait to show you the pillows I'm working on. Have to hand sew on the them...taking forever! Congrats on a fantastic project!

  5. perfect use of that fabric!

  6. So so cute! It turned out really cute!

  7. this is really really pretty! I love the print! Cute little birdies! X

  8. Great bench. You transformed it very well! Just popping over from Better After.


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