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Thoughts and Button Monogram

I have a couple different thoughts for you today.
1. I'm teaching a friend to sew today. Yay! I love doing that.
2. I'm working on my first free pattern for y'all! It's fantastic.
3. What do you do when you fall in love with expensive fabric that matches your front room and then you get inspiration of what you're going to do with it? Is is worth it to splurge on something perfect I will love for the rest of my life?
4. We have to decide where we're going to law school by tomorrow. Tomorrow is the deadline to accept certain scholarships. We've narrowed it down to two schools, one by my family and one by my husband's family. The thing with law school is, we're not choosing for a couple of years, we're choosing what state we're going to live in for the rest of our lives. No going back because of the Bar Exam. We're having a really tough time choosing. We're praying a lot. Pray for us!
On another note, I finally put up some more decor on our sort of bare walls.
 toaster cover, lemon decor, faux canvas, chalkboard
I made the button monogram a couple days ago. I love it and should have made it sooner. It is a little weird right now with four things in a weird design, I just haven't decided what I want to go on the other side. Inspiration will hit me sometime. It always does.
 It hangs next to our wedding pictures and keys over our puffy chair.
I love the color of the buttons and the texture of the burlap.
It's a fun personal touch.
Where should we go to law school?


  1. Good luck with deciding. You'll do the right thing, have a little faith in yourself! :)

  2. from experience...I've learned that the girl needs her family (or momma).

    Seen it and lived it.

    Good luck in your decision making.



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