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Kitchen Love

This past Saturday I went to a fun bridal shower for one of my friends. I wanted to give her something cute that she'd use. I found two hand towels and two hot pads for $3 at the dollar store. I know it's not amazing quality, but hand towels turn to rags so quickly anyway.
A terrible before picture.
First I gathered some cute fabric
I sewed it onto the bottom of the towels and I appliqued a heard on each.
I thought the hearts were perfect for upcoming newlyweds.

After seeing these heart hot pads on MADE awhile back I have really wanted to make some. Well I did make one, but it took so long I left the other hot pad as it was originally. My thought was that the heart is so small, you'd need a bigger one to do the dirty work. The heart is more for looking pretty.
What a "loving" gift

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  1. This is really great! I love the colors your chose and the heart is really cute! I may be asking your advice soon...I plan to set up my sewing room in our new place, and I want to make curtains for all the rooms. A big project!


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