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Jean Mending Variation

Sometimes you buy jeans to look a certain way. Unfortunately, they still get holes in them. These are my brother's jeans, and he wanted his mend to match the jeans. This is a variation of the mending a hole tutorial. You still do the first seven steps (I've gone back and added numbers.) and then do a different eighth step.
Here are his jeans, lots of topstitching
Lots of details
Instead of doing a filled in mending stitch I matched the color of the topstitching the best I could and did a big zigzag. I still went forwards and backwards like the original mending, but I didn't fill it in. You can see the perimeter stitch from the top. The only reason I did this kind of mending was because I had a BIG patch behind it for strength. This kind of mending wouldn't be strong enough with a little patch.
The result: it looks like he bought them this way!

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