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How to Mend a Hole

This is the way I learned while working at a tailor shop. It is the strongest way to mend a hole. It doesn't leave the look of "I bought these jeans with the holes in them." Anyway, my example is on one of my husband's favorite jeans. The hole is right next to another mend I did. The previous mend is how we met, read about it here. I wouldn't recommend mending next to a mend, but I had to save the pants.
The hole.
1. Measure the hole.
2. Cut a piece of thick fabric that size and shape. Make sure the fabric is similar in color. My fabric is plaid; it's all I could find. But the color matches pretty well. If I had pinking shears, I would have cut is out with those to stop the edges from fraying. Round off the edges so it won't get caught as easy.
3. Cut out a piece of Heat-n-bond or Stitch Witchery a little bit smaller than the fabric piece. In this example, I used heat-n-bond.
4. Iron them together. Make sure that you iron the Heat-n-Bond or stitch witchery to the RIGHT side of the fabric. The side with the iron-on stuff will be what shows through the hole.
5. Peel of the paper backing.
6. Iron it onto the pants.
Ironed on.
7. Next, from the inside sew 1/8 inch all around the patch. This is called a perimeter stitch. Use thread that matches the fabric. Don't you love my drawn on red stitching?
8. Now from the outside sew forwards and backwards across the hole. I like the follow the diagonal of the weave so that the stitching blends in better. You can do many fun things with the stitching though, like the blue and yellow for example. OR, go to this variation to see another kind of mending.
This is what it looks like on the inside. I did use tan color thread in the bobbin. Sometimes I just really don't want to wind a bobbin. I'm a little lazy.
Good luck with all your mending!


  1. wow, thank you so much for posting this!! Seriously I had mended some of my son's pants and he tore them again, I'm so glad I didn't throw them away, now I can mend them again during the spring following this tutorial. Thank you Heather!

  2. This would have been handy when I had boys around! BUT you never know...I might get really rowdy one day and need this skill too! ;)

    I thought of you & your kitchen when I saw this post this am:Lemon Wreath
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Re: the bobbin thread, It's not lazy it's resourceful! Only discovered you blog recently and I'm really glad I did. Thanks for all the wonderful things you share, it's very inspirational!


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