Tweed Skirt

My black tweed outfit is finally complete. I made the jacket first and had lots of fabric leftover, so I made the hat and now the skirt. I love this fabric, and I already love this skirt. It was really fast to make because it's so simple.
I did cover my TV with pretty fabric. Don't judge. It's better than taking pictures in the bathroom.

 It's a princess-line pencil skirt with a facing, two back pleats, and a center zipper.
It all matches so well! Now I have a warm, cute winter outfit.

Close-up of the zipper. I was going to do a invisible zipper, but I accidentally got a normal zipper. I didn't have time to take it back so I had to make do. I know that most skirts have lapped zippers, but I am not a fan of lapped zippers. That is a huge weakness of mine. I'd rather do any other zipper before a lapped zipper. Anybody have any tips?
Instead of having two slits that would make me feel like I'm showing everything back there, I made two pleats. I feel covered but sexy. It is possible!
*Next photos by Janika E. Photography


  1. real cute!
    hate lapped zippers. invisible are my fav... soooooo easy!

  2. I hate invisible zippers. I think any other kind of zipper is so easy. Isn't it interesting how we are all different in our likes and dislikes, and yet, the projects always turn out adorable?
    Super cute!

  3. Your outfit turned out beautifully, congratulations! I love pleats in place of slits, my long winter coat has a pleat instead of a super-high slit and it's so much more attractive, not to mention warmer.

  4. This is amazing! I am a love sewing, but it is so difficult for me! I've just gone through your entire blog {in a non-creepy way. promise.} and I feel so inspired! You're amazing!


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