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A Little Love

I decided to put a little love in my apartment because of the upcoming Valentine's Day. I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day because I think you should make everyday special with your significant other. I won't deny that I love getting flowers and a dinner from my hubby though. I think I'm just contradicting myself. Anyway, I love this love decor at Flamingo Toes and just switched the quote.
I think "Love Conquers All" is a little more universal. 
I just finished tailoring two jackets this week; one for my friend and the mother-of-the-groom jacket for my mom. She looks great in it! Having tailored clothing makes all the difference. It has a standing, gathered collar that I totally want to copy. It's gorgeous.
I also added some love to my wreath.
It looks kinda boring, but I like it. All I did was cut and sew some felt flowers, threaded them with yarn and hung them up.
What decor have you put up for Valentine's Day?

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  1. I saw that tutorial for the stiched paper/quote and I LOVED it! Yours looks so cute!


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