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How to Edgestitch and Double Stitch

Edgestitching can easily be confused with topstitching. Edgestitching is sewn 1/8" from the edge, while topstitching is 1/4" from the edge. Edgestitching is also a decorative stitch on the face of the fabric. To make edgestitching easy, use a #5 foot. It's the foot that has a little "fence." Before I start sewing, I do this to my bobbin.
Line the fence up with the seam and move your need to the left or right depending on where you want your stitching and where the seam allowance is. In my example, I have my needle to the right. 
Sew along the seam, keeping the fence in the seam. It should look like this.
Here are some examples: baby shoes, a card, a vest, an apron. By the way, I have updated the topstitching post with examples.
If you combine edgestitching and topstitching, you get double stitching. Once you have edgestitched, go back with a #1 foot and sew 1/4" from the seamline.
This is what it should look like.
On this vest I made, I used doublestitching, topstitching, and edgestitching.
I hope you can use these stitches on your upcoming projects! Topstitching, edgestitching, and double stitching do wonders to an item. It can make it look fresh and professional.


  1. loving your tutorial series. the example pics are a great idea!

  2. You make everything SEAM SEW do-able! ...even I think I could do some of this! You should be a home-ec teacher...mine scared me SO bad, it took me 10 years to go near my Bernina!!! :)


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