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Flower Applique

I'm practicing away for my piano piece for the wedding, and I'm hoping to make a skirt to wear for it also. I think it'll be a simple pencil skirt so it's fast. Anyway, I wanted to make something fast and feel like I finished something. I used some great 70's floral fabric from a vintage dress I'm going to refashion sometime. I cut out the flowers and appliqued them on. I also had other matching flowers that I used.
I used this shirt pattern. (It's free!) I made another one here. I love this pattern because to cut it out and sew it up takes maybe 45 min max. It's so fast! I used fabric leftover from this dress.
The colors are all washed out, but its vibrant greens and blues. I love it and love the contrast of the reddish color.
 Do you like to applique? Show me what you've done!


  1. real cute, i have been meaning to do some applique lately...

  2. is so beautiful!!!I love applique!!!!
    I made one here:


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