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Damask Shirt and Scarf

 I found some beautiful red and black damask KNIT fabric on sale. Could there be anything better? I think not. I truly love knits and wish they weren't so expensive.
I used this free pattern on Burdastyle, that I've also used here and here. It really is so easy; I whipped up this shirt in less than an hour.
I did take it in under the sleeves where it's kimono-y to make it less kimono-y.
I've gotten in this funk where I don't want to sew any sleeves. Cap sleeves just aren't something I want to deal with. I think I'm just getting lazy.
I can't decide if I want to take it in at the waist to give it a little more definition or not. It's more tent-like in real-life. I just ooh and aah over the print!
I had some leftover and made a scarf with this no-sew tutorial at Mary Janes and Galoshes.
I'm even wearing this scarf today and I love it! I am going to be nice and give the leftover fabric from these two projects to my sister. It's a good-size rectangle. (I'm not just giving her the tiny scraps!) I can share. . . sort of.
I am thinking about starting a series of all the basics of sewing: all you want to know about needles, fabric, different stitches, etc. Is this something you'd be interested in?


  1. beautiful shirt!!!!!
    and the scarf is so nice too
    I think is a good idea for the basics in sewing:-)

  2. Love them both! The fabric looks so nice!
    Great idea posting about basics of sewing :)

  3. Oh to be you Heather and whip up something so cute in an hour!

  4. Oh my goodness! I miss seeing you at work because I don't get to see things like this. I LOVE this fabric. The shirt is way cute. You know my opinion about the tent and kimono sleeves.


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