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Baby Oxfords and Vest

One of our good friends are expecting, so I had the joy of making something for them. I decided to copy my oxford shoes. I drew the lines onto the fabric and then sewed. Then I traced what I sewed onto the other shoe.
The back and front piece
  Aren't they adorable? I had so much fun making them!

I put a sneaky bit of red inside for fun.
 This baby is going to be a stud.
 A view of the back
  I also made him a vest to wear.
 I chose the fabric because of the hint of purple. It adds so much to the vest!
 Boys may not wear ruffles, but they are still very fun to make for. Hope everybody has a great three day weekend!


  1. Cute vest! I wish you lived closer, I would totally hire you to make a vest for Jack for my bro's wedding next month! As it is, a friend of mine will be helping me, I will have to post pics :)

  2. real cute!
    you should do a baby shoe tutorial....

  3. Thank you, thank you! We LOVE them!!

  4. Oh my goodness!! Way cute! I wish I was good with the sewing machine I have because I want to copy pretty much everything you do!


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